Welcome to tasagronomos.com. On this site, we provide a variety of agricultural technical services within our professional capabilities. All agricultural consultants, rural surveyors and farmland appraisers represented on this site are qualified technicians trained to make reasonable and sustainable use of natural resources consumed by man.

From an surveying point of view, we cooperate with society to find necessary solutions to important problems, such as improving agricultural processes and the food products they produce.

Download our APPOn this website, the application “rustivalor” can be found. This is an automated valuation model (AVM) for rural properties and farmlands in Spain. The appraisal real states application “rustivalor” is free.

If you would like to get a farmland or rural property value, complete PROVINCIA (region), MUNICIPIO (town) and then you will have to choose between  SECANO (dryland) and  REGADIO (irrigated land).

Afterwards, introduce SUPERFICIE (area in hectare); by the way, 1 hectare = 10.000 m2; 1 hectare = 2,50 acre. Finally, press CALCULAR (calculate) and your rural land value in Spain will be shown.

The obtained rural land market value belongs to rural lands (not for building) to be used for an agricultural purpose. Rural lands dedicated for fruit tree farms, agriculture and farming business, greenhouses crops and vineyards are not included.

This market value is for guidance only and it has no legal, mortgage or expropriate validity.

You can call us if you need more information or our agrarian valuation services or agricultural proyects.

Gonzalo Brezmes.  Agricultural consultant & Rural surveyor

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